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Plan Your Hunt

As you arrive at our luxury lodge, you will given time to settle in and relax. The hunt  begins after a hearty breakfast. Your guide will arrive and lay out the schedule for the day. You will find that days at Rieger Creek have a gentle flow, allowing hunters to enjoy South Dakota. 

For Flying Commercial: 

  • Aberdeen, SD - 1 hour 15 min away to the East - Delta Only
  • Pierre, SD - 1 hour 15 min away to the South - Keylime (United Affiliated)
  • Bismarck, ND - 1 hour 45 min away to the North - Larger Airport with multiple carriers

For Private Charters: 

Hunting Dog Etiquette 

  • Dogs are always welcome at Rieger Creek Lodge. Accommodations can be made for your dog but do be sure to let us know if you plan to bring one. 
  • Hunting Dog Etiquette:
    • Do not attempt to take a bird from a dog. Most dogs are trailed to retrieve only to their handler and could bite anyone who attempts to take their retrieve. 
    • Do NOT shoot anything on the ground - the dog could be there. 
    • Do not yell or direct at the dog - let the dog do what he does best. 
    • When a bird goes down, mark where it lands and wait for instructions from the guide. If the dog marks the bird, hunters need to stop and wait.  

Bringing Shotguns

  • 12 and 20 gauge shotguns are the most common. We provide shells and have some guns available for use if needed. Please let us know in advance if you need a shotgun to use.

Pheasant Hunting Suggested Gear List

  • Temperatures vary from 10-to 80 so layers are key. It can be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Everything from snow to bright sunshine. We recommend coming prepared for anything.
  • Wind/Rain Layers - Waterproof hunting jacket
  • Warm Layer - Insulated jacket or fleece jacket/wool sweater
  • Wicking Layer - Some type of sporting synthetic light layer underneath. 
  • Brush Pants - Nylon, canvas, or leather fronted pants/chaps will help to protect against ground cover when breaking through dense brush.
  • Blaze Orange is required. Hunting Vest, Jacket, Sweatshirt or Hat(recommended). One blaze orange item is required.
  • Gloves - like the other clothing, gloves should also be layered. Bring different thicknesses of gloves to be prepared for the ever-changing South Dakota fall weather. 
  • Boots - A good waterproof hunting boot is a must. We will be walking prairie grass, food plots, tree rows, and corn strips. A brush boot or upland game boot. Make sure to break your boots in before the hunt. Your feet will thank you.
  • Socks - Socks are like gloves, make sure to bring plenty and different thickness. 
  • Ear protection is recommended but not required.  Eye protection is required. We have both if needed. 

Safety and Hunting Etiquette

What to do:

  1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction 
  2. Safety stays on until you lift your gun to shoot 
  3. Firearms should be unloaded when not in use (end of each field and before entering a vehicle) 
  4. Always wear an Orange hat and safety glasses 
  5. Use proper ammunition 
  6. Keep a straight line when walking through fields 
  7. Before showing - make sure you see the blue sky under the bird. This ensures your shot is safely above the dog's head. 
  8. Always inform your guide of any problems you have with your gun 

What not to do: 

  1. Do not shoot a hen pheasant 
  2. Do not shoot toward a hunter, dog, buildings, or vehicles 
  3. Do not point a gun at any person or dogs
  4. Do not consume any alcohol before or during the hunt - Your guide has the discretion to end hunt at any time if he feels a hunter is impaired.
  5. Do not shoot any animals other than rooster pheasants

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