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Our Guides at Rieger Creek Lodge

Our Guides at Rieger Creek Lodge

The guides at Rieger Creek Lodge have ten years of combined professional guide experience but both have been hunting wild pheasants their entire life. Courteous and experienced are two words that can describe our guides. They know how to help hunters have a good time and get their limit of birds. Regardless of your hunting experience, the Rieger Creek guides will help you have a successful hunting experience.

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Good Pheasant Hunts

Justin Baumann- Rieger Creek Lodge Guide

Justin Baumann was born and raised in North Central South Dakota and has been hunting pheasants for as long as he can remember. Some of Justin's earliest hunting memories include going out with his Dad. Justin was too young to carry a gun but he helped his Dad by flushing out the pheasants and retrieving the birds his Dad shot. The time Justin spent with his Dad earned him the family nickname of "Bird Dog".

The tradition continues for Justin as he is now teaching his children how to hunt for pheasants. Although his own son is still too young to carry a gun, he spends many hours in the field with Justin learning the tricks and techniques.

Justin has been a guide for Rieger Creek Lodge for three years and enjoys being able to take hunters out into the field. For Justin the challenge of helping hunters of all skill levels have a good time and a successful hunt is what he enjoys the most about guiding for the Rieger Creek pheasant hunting Lodge.

Pheasant Hunting With Dogs

Al Bohle - Rieger Creek Lodge Guide

Al Bohle has been in the field hunting the South Dakota pheasant in one form or another since he was old enough to walk. First going out with his Dad and helping to chase up the birds for him. Then hunting with his Dad and hired hands once he turned 12 years old. Al's children have now joined him in the field and have become successful pheasant hunters under their father's guidance.

As a professional guide Al enjoys helping first time hunters get started and watching as they bring down their first pheasant. He takes pride in making every hunt he guides a successful one.